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Pizza is one of America’s most popular takeout delicacies. But even the best can miss the mark if it means having to contend with a saturated amount of carbs, calories, and fats. You get the picture? Fortunately, it turns out that it’s possible to have a healthier slice of pizza and cut down on the fats and carbs. If you’re looking for pizza that won’t unravel your healthy diet, this is just the reading for you.

No matter how health conscious you are, one time or another, you’ve felt the urge to have yourself a slice of pizza. You can’t resist the temptation. Pizzas are easy and downright tasty not to mention they also save us time when we are late or too tired to whip up a meal. However, if you’re going to have a pizza, then at least have one that’s the least unhealthy.

On the question of which is healthier between frozen and delivery pizza, frozen pizza certainly takes the cup.

Here are five frozen pizzas that will draw you a step closer to a healthier slice of tasty delights.

Whole Food’s 12-inch Cheese Pizza

The Whole Food’s cheese pizza is made from fresh ingredients in the Whole Foods kitchen. And while the entire pie contains a high amount of calories, it’s relatively low in fat.

Ellio’s Cheese Pizza

Ellio’s cheese pizza appears to be high in calories to many folks but nothing could be further from the truth. This classic kid’s favorite pizza contains only about 240 calories per serving and 480 calories per package.

American Flatbread Tomato Sauce and Three Cheese

If you want to enjoy a slice of pizza at half the calories of a full dough one, the American Flatbread is certainly a good pick. It’s not the best nutritionally considering that you’ll still be taking 300 calories per serving but it’s definitely less sinful.

Amy’s 4 Cheese Pizza

Amy’s products are mostly made from natural and organic ingredients and therefore a lot healthier. And although they are still a bit high on the total fat side, the calories per serving are considerably reduced.

Newman’s Own Margherita Pizza

Newman’s pizza is one of the few fresh tasting frozen pizzas they are. And it doesn’t just shine on that front only but also because it is also the best bang for all your caloric concerns.

Wrapping It Up

Frozen pizza is way better than fresh hot pizza no preparation necessary just open the box in the fridge and take it out and eat it right there.