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If you like your pizza crispy crunchy, we will show you how to modify your usual pizza dough recipe to ensure that your crust will be crunchy and crispy. Here’s how:


So basically, you’ll follow your routine pizza dough recipe to begin preparing your crust. However, you are going to substitute 1/6 of the flour with 1/6 of cornmeal. So for instance, if you’re accustomed to putting in 3 cups of flour, you will use 2 ½ cups of flour instead and then pour in a ½ cup of cornmeal. Once you’ve added in the flour and cornmeal, proceed with your routine pizza recipe as usual.

Once you’re done, place your dough in a bowl and cover it with a plastic wrap and then put the bowl in the refrigerator for about 24 hours to allow the dough to rise.

The next step basically involves preparing the surface where you’ll place the pizzas as they cook. Here, you’ll need to rub cornmeal to the pizza stone ensuring that you’ve completely covered every inch and then turn on the oven to preheat it. Once the stone is well heated, it’s safe to remove it and place it atop a heat resistant surface so that it’s easier to transfer the rolled out pizzas.

Once everything is set, start rolling out the dough until it is thin enough and then transfer it to the pizza stone. Once you’ve carefully placed your dough, it’s time to return the pizza stone back in the oven and cook your pizza. You’ll need to be a bit more careful about the temperature settings though. That’s if you want your pizza to be crispy and crunchy.

Tips to Remember

Avoid using moist ingredients or else your pizza will be soggy.

Avoid using too much oil as it can make the texture soggy and muddy.

Vegetables have a lot of water content and so using them in excess could jeopardize the results.

Don’t stretch the dough too thin as it might not be able to support the cheese, sauce, and toppings.

Wrapping It Up

Making a crisp pizza crust can appear complex. But if you follow the laid down procedure, it’s actually quite simple. Provided that you have all the right ingredients and have a rough idea of how to go about making pizza, it all starts to make sense.

Of course, if you want an impeccable outcome, you have to be wary of the dos and don’ts or else it will get soggy instead.